Update on the Mohabats—August 17, 2022

It has been a while since an update has been shared concerning the Mohabat family. In January of this year, Geist Christian Church partnered with Exodus Refugee and Immigration to sponsor the Mohabats, who fled from Afghanistan one year ago this week. Abdullah, Bahmal Bibi, and their three daughters have been in Indiana since last fall and in their current apartment since January.

Geist Christian has been an excellent partner in the last eight months. At first, we provided lots of things for their apartment and helped to settle their two older girls into school in Washington Township. We covered the bill for several months of rent and utilities. For several months, we provided them with Uber cards so that Abdullah could get to work at the warehouse, where he’s employed as a full-time hourly employee. The next big project was to help them with a car. Abdullah got his driver’s license and was able to pay
for 2/3 of the expense of the car. Geist Christian picked up the rest of the car cost, the registration and taxes, and seven months of car/rental insurance (totaling about $5,000). They were thrilled!

As time passes into the fall, there are some exciting things happening. Bahmal Bibi would like to get her driver’s license. (She did drive in Afghanistan.) The girls are enrolled at the MTI Islamic School, a private school not far from their apartment where all Muslim Afghani families who were forced to evacuate have free tuition for a year. Further, Abdullah has enrolled in an academic program that will, over the course of a year, certify his post-secondary education from Afghanistan. He feels this will make him very employable in his area of expertise—technology.

We are currently exploring how best Geist Christian can assist Bahmal Bibi with English lessons. She is anxious to focus on learning English now that the rest of her family is more settled with school and work.

Thank you, Geist Christian Church, for your prayers, time, and financial support for the Mohabat family. Their journey toward making this country their home is continuing thanks to the many who surround them with support, care, and love.