Greg McGuirk – Promise Road Campus Music Director

Greg McGuirk grew up taking traditional piano lessons but became distracted by the energy of rock music in his teens. He got his first synthesizer in 1979, before he even got his first car.

McGuirk has been the keyboardist for Jennie DeVoe since 1997. He has performed at Lilith Fair, opened for Yes, Kansas, Little Feat and others.  He arranged DeVoe’s music for orchestra and conducted her 2012 show with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra.

As a composer, he has written & produced nearly 100 jingles, including “Call Mister Quik, dial the number spell the words, 4 On Time” and “Call Mr. Plumber, night or day”.

McGuirk has been a member of Geist Christian Church in 1998. In 2001, he became Music Director for the new “Saturday Casual Service”. He served as co-director for the Disciples’ General Assembly in 2014 and 2016.

Happily married since 1987, Greg has 2 kids & 1 grandchild.

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