Building Fund Campaign

What is “One Church Together?

In the spring of 2016, Geist Christian Church held a three year building fund campaign called {Renew Together}.The goal of the campaign was to raise 1.2 million dollars in three years, over and above our donations which support the general budget of the church. Each dollar raised was to be used to reduce the debt.

Pledges to the campaign fell slightly short of $1.2 million but total gifts exceeded the goal! Pledged income was $1,040,000 with $992,427 received during the 36 months. Additional over and above pledged gifts of $95,000 and $53,000 of building fund cash helped us reduce the debt by $1,229,000. Our total debt now sits at $9.5 million.

To continue this strong forward movement and ensure a sound future, we need to renew again. This is One Church Together. We want to raise $1 million in three years, over and above our general budget gifts, to support the building fund.

Every dollar will be used to reduce principal. Interest on the loan and other church maintenance projects will be cared for by the general budget.
Every dollar raised will reduce the obligation of the congregation and reduce future interest costs over the life of the loan. For every $100 given now, an additional $100 is saved in interest costs over the projected life of the loan.

Download and print a brochure for more information and Q&As.

Download and print a pledge card to return to Geist Christian Church, 8550 Mud Creek Road, Indianapolis, IN 46256 Attn: Financial Secretary.

Pledge online here.