Building Fund Campaign

Throughout the history of Geist Christian Church, members and friends have provided the necessary resources to build and sustain the ministry of our congregation. We are committed to the long-term mission of our community in Geist and Fishers. As one church in two locations, we have outstanding facilities, which are used to spread the Gospel and care for our children, youth, and adults. You are invited to join in this important effort so that we might continue to strengthen our ministries and build a strong future.

What is Cast Our Care?

It’s our turn now. Those who have come before us have built beautiful worship centers and enabled us to hire a great staff and develop strong outreach programs. It’s our chance, through our generosity, to leave our mark and help the church grow in new directions. 

The goal of Cast Our Care is $900,000 over the three-year period from September 1, 2022 to August 31, 2025. Every dollar will be used to reduce principal. Interest on the loan and other church maintenance projects will be cared for in the general budget.  

This campaign will reduce the obligation of the congregation and reduce future interest costs over the life of the loan. For every $100 given now, an additional $100 is saved in interest costs over the projected life of the loan. That $100 in saved interest costs can go toward expanding existing ministries or adding new programs, staff, missions, and outreach projects.

Download and print a brochure for more information and Q&As.

Download and print a pledge card to return to Geist Christian Church, 8550 Mud Creek Road, Indianapolis, IN 46256 Attn: Financial Secretary.

Pledge online here.