Building Fund

What is {Renew together}?

It is a campaign to
  • renew your commitment to live out your faith in our community
  • renew your belief in the future mission of the church
  • renew your hope in building a healthy, caring, loving church family
  • renew your investment to build a strong foundation for tomorrow

The goal of {Renew together} is $1.2 million over the three year period from JULY 1, 2016 – JUNE 30, 2019. Every dollar will be used to reduce principal. Interest on the loan and other projects will be cared for in the general or Weekday Ministries budgets. Every dollar will reduce the obligation of the congregation and reduce future interest costs over the life of the loan. For every $100 given now, an additional $100 is saved in interest costs over the projected life of the loan.

Go here to {Renew together}